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What if a conflict erupts between these guards and the community? Things can get messy really easily if you are disarmed and get into conflict with the faction supposed to protect you. Nevermind the fact that these people will look for any sign of dissent and report to Negan directly, so the feeling of privacy is gone. And people who have lived under such a regime can tell you how easily that can become problematic…. Another element that would stay is that some of the Saviors are clear psychopaths who enjoy having power over and fucking with people.

But unlike the story where everyone pretty much laughs whenever they go too far I would demonstrate that reactions are divided.

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That someone like David is clearly hated by the other Saviors, who wonder just why the hell this guy is still on duty. I would tie this in with the exploration of characters like Gavin.

‘Walking Dead’s’ Rick And Negan Duel To The “Death” In Season Finale

People who, while part of this protection racket, fully believe that what they are doing is for the best and not just their comfort and who do their best to maintain a professional attitude upholding their side of the bargain. All of this would tie into the war that starts at the end of season 7 and takes place in season 8.

Because now all of the humanisation that takes place in the latter season makes sense. All of a sudden all these Saviors stating that Rick is just the same as them has some weight behind it.

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All of a sudden Negan saying that he wants to make people stronger makes sense. If the show demonstrated that the people under his watch prospered all of them as opposed to just the select few the audience would have to make their own decisions as to whether Rick and his group trying to break free is a morally good thing. But alas, it seems my version will never come to be. This is probably what contributed to seasons 7 and 8 being rather long-winded, which my additions would attempt to solve by trying to explore the various aspects of a totalitarian society in a zombie apocalypse.

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News Big Ffing Schedule Change 29 September Dearest audience, It is time to, momentarily, take our silly confetti spewing hats off and put our serious top hats on. Dear reader, it has been an ordeal like no other that has ever been experienced in the history of the universe. The multiverse! The omniverse! An above-average high school student at Spring Palms High, Scott Kane lives a daily routine which few envy. Poised to be valedictorian of his class and almost assured of his entrance to the prestigious Southwood University, Scott only has one major problem: all-star bully Jack Williams.

Jack has tormented Scott for the last seven years, and even though Scott has the moral support of his best friends Mark, Joseph, and Henry, he avoids Jack whenever possible.

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But the status quo is about to be upset. Just as Scott is about to deliver the final blow, their surroundings begin to shift violently, and the asphalt under their feet shatters like glass, tumbling Scott, his friends, and Jack into a mystical portal. Now inside the strange world of Dourren, the boys find themselves on a journey filled with danger, excitement, and incredible adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

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As they learn about this new land, they become involved in a quest to obtain three swords of immense power, one that will culminate in a battle against an incredible evil…and teach them the meaning of true friendship. Hesham Al-Emadi has had an unbridled passion for storytelling since childhood. He is married and currently lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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