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Globalizing South China

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Carolyn Cartier. With the meticulous evaluation of research materials under the contextualist approach, Globalizing South China exhibits a high standard of scholarship and intellectual sophistication.

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Globalizing Asia or Asian Globalization? - Pt 1

This insightful account demonstrates that capitalism in China has a history and a geography, and combines perspectives from both to demonstrate that regional economic restructuring in South China is far from an economic 'miracle's. Instead of a linear historical approach, the analysis shows how history matters in contextualized geographies, in regional places and their transnational connections.

The book situates the analysis in the contemporary globalization debates and the most current ideas in human geography to develop a cultural economy perspective that anticipates the 'new regionalism'.

Globalizing South China provides readers with an invaluable evaluation of 'Greater China', the Chinese diaspora, regional identity formation, the gendered conditions of the regional economy, nature-society relations, and world city transformation. Skip Navigation and go to main content Bestsellers Books.

Globalizing South China

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