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Front Psychol. Xu Y 1 , Hamamura T 2. Abstract For the last several decades, Chinese society has experienced transformative changes. Free PMC Article. Images from this publication. See all images 1 Free text. Figure 1.

Cross-Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives, 2nd Edition

An Ngram Viewer plot of freedom. Folk beliefs of cultural changes in China.

Buy Hardcover. FAQ Policy. About this book This open access book discusses a variety of important but unprecedented ways in which psychology can be useful to philosophy.

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Conclusion Pages Slote, Michael. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink. My own interest in the cultural exchange came from years of studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism, mindfulness practices, and existential psychology. Interest in the heritage of indigenous cultures came from years of folk dance, travel and dance therapy. The workshop was about the role of embodiment in psychology.

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The participants, in fact, loved the workshop and the directors asked me to start a two-year training program. We are now in our seventh year, and students are already beginning to lead groups under supervision.

From the point of view of traditional Western approaches, psychology has traditionally been concerned with the mind and thinking, and excluded body expression and non-verbal communication from this equation. Thus, such a separation of body-mind begins to create an unnatural mode of expression and perception, cutting out important pathways of understanding and healing. Fortunately, new findings in research are confirming ancient knowledge about the role of the body and the interconnectedness between the mind and the body.

An appreciation for the body is still visible in everyday China.

Folk beliefs of cultural changes in China.

People use public space to play ping-pong, sing with karaoke or in groups. The importance of movement for mental and physical health is clearly understood and appreciated. For the beginning of our training, we began with KinAesthetic Imagining , a process by which the moving body creates meaning through images that can be understood like dream images.

We start with the body as instrument, cultivating qualities of embodiment, and kinesthetic intelligence. Participants learn how to ground themselves, how to tune into their own bodies and those of others.

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They practice creating a safe space usually a circle , mirroring, picking up movement cues, and supporting the emerging images. They learn a language of movement that describes nonverbal communication in terms of time, weigh, space and flow. This language helps them articulate how they are experienced in relationship with others and in their everyday lives.

Participants learned to ground themselves, practice relaxation, improvise, growing more at home and confident in their bodies. They understand their movements in terms of archetypal figures and symbols, as well as the group process in terms of the existential dimensions of Freedom and Fate; being Alone vs.

East-West Themes and Beyond

Being with others; Life and Death, and Meaning vs. The existential themes seemed to resonate with many members, especially the theme of Freedom and Fate or constriction. One group developed and performed a dance about Freedom and Fate that told a Chinese version of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Others, finding new freedom, expressed a yearning for authenticity and the need to find meaning in life. Life for many was an effort to balance the Taoist influence of process and flow and individual development with the Confucian influence of strict roles, hierarchies and restraint.

But I have no idea where to start—can you help me? Along with the new freedom came more freedom of feeling and expression.