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That aside, it doesn't have any wit, joy, or drive. Children who haven't had the pleasure of seeing The Wizard of Oz might enjoy this film, but it will also frighten them. There are some fine, Oscar-nominated special effects, but the excitement just isn't there.

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Ian Nathan. Best to see them as individual films with nothing in common apart from source material, one a classic, the other a strong enough picaresque amongst some decent fabulation. Read full review. Dave Kehr. It's bleak, creepy, and occasionally terrifying. Studio pressure apparently forced Murch to back off from the full fury of his conception, but this is still strong stuff.

Jay Scott. Dorothy's friends are as weird as her enemies, which is faithful to the original Oz books but turns out not to be a virtue on film, where the eerie has a tendency to remain eerie no matter how often we're told it's not.

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Peter Stack. Kids probably will enjoy portions of Return to Oz, but at best, it's a mechanical movie that never finds a real heart to engage an audience. Jay Carr. The Disney people have taken such obvious care in making Return to Oz that it's a shame it didn't turn out better. It has its moments - mostly visual - but when it isn't a grim downer, it's largely inert.

Richard Schickel. Dorothy encounters a pumpkin with stick limbs, a tin soldier and something called a Gump, which looks suspiciously like your basic moosehead.

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They are all mechanical marvels, not actors, which means they can do anything except win an audience's heart. Still, it would defy the gifts of an Olivier to find interesting, amusing life in a context as charmless and joyless and songless as the one Murch and his design team have concocted. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. IvoryAngel Aug 2, A wonderful imaginative movie! Amazing special effects for the time, lovable side characters and a lovely soundtrack.

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Do not try to compare it to the musical. This Dorothy, who has nothing like the spunk and resourcefulness Judy Garland brought to the role, is nonetheless cast as a conquering adventuress in an alien empire; since she never stops to marvel at the mysteries of this new place, neither can you. And the effervescent helpfulness that united Dorothy and her friends in the earlier film has now become the mere sense of a shared mission.

Oz itself, formerly a never-neverland existing somewhere in Dorothy's and the audience's shared imagination, now resembles any old extraterrestrial setting.

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It couldn't be further away. It contains little explicit violence, but a great deal of it may scare small children. Running time: minutes. Log In. View on timesmachine.


TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Dorothy wakes up in Oz with her chicken Billina, who can now talk. Cornered by Wheelers , menacing people with wheels instead of hands and feet, they escape into a room Dorothy unlocks with the Oz key. They meet a mechanical man, Tik-Tok , who explains that King Scarecrow has been captured by the Nome King , who is responsible for the Emerald City's destruction.

source The three visit princess Mombi , who collects heads and decides to imprison Dorothy to take hers. They assemble a creature with furniture, rope, and the head of a moose-like animal called the Gump. Dorothy steals the Powder of Life from Mombi, but awakes her many heads. A girl in a mirror guides Dorothy back to her friends, where Dorothy uses the powder to bring the Gump to life. He flies them across the Deadly Desert to the Nome King's mountain.

Mombi sends the Wheelers after them, but they are halted by the Deadly Desert. In his underground domain, the Nome King tells Dorothy explains that he has turned the Scarecrow into an ornament. He will allow Dorothy and her companions three guesses each to identify which ornament; if they fail, they will become ornaments themselves. The Gump, Jack and Tik-Tok each fail. The Nome King gives Dorothy the chance to return home, since he has her discarded ruby slippers , but Dorothy refuses.

While Dorothy makes her guesses in the ornament room, Mombi arrives. The Nome King, furious at having allowed Dorothy to escape, imprisons her in a cage. On her last guess, Dorothy locates the Scarecrow, and realizes that people from Oz turn into green ornaments. He prepares to eat Jack, but Billina, hiding in Jack's head, lays an egg and it falls into the Nome King's mouth.

As eggs are poisonous to nomes, the Nome King and his subterranean kingdom crumble. Dorothy finds the ruby slippers and wishes for the group to be returned to a restored Emerald City. There, they mourn the loss of Tik-Tok until Billina notices a green medal stuck on one of the Gump's antlers. Dorothy restores him. At a celebration, Dorothy is asked to be Queen of Oz but refuses, saying she must return to Kansas. She learns that the girl who helped her escape is Princess Ozma , the rightful ruler of Oz, who had been enchanted by Mombi.

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Ozma takes her place on the throne and Dorothy hands over the ruby slippers. Billina opts to stay in Oz.

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Ozma sends Dorothy home, promising that Dorothy is welcome to return. In Kansas, Dorothy's family finds her on a riverbank. Aunt Em reveals that Worley's hospital was struck by lightning and burned down, and Worley died trying to save his machines. They see Nurse Wilson locked in a cage on a police buggy. In the farmhouse, now complete, Dorothy sees Billina and Ozma through her bedroom mirror.

She goes outside to play with Toto.